Hello world!

Hello world After years of desiring to write a blog, finally I do it!! Wow!! It is a true pleasure to finally achieve a goal which comes from a desire of yours and this has been one of mine. So.. quick intro My name is Obinna, Obi for short (some of my friends call me [...]

Fitness junkie!!

I won't say much here, but i love to exercise (well not really!!) Just go with me! I love being active, either the gym, boxing or playing football. Sometimes jogging and stretching. I like to just cut and paste and load it all up, like a junkie! But recently, I find out there are 3 [...]

Mindfulness Maze … 1st Steps

For some reason, you might not like that, use something else as a source of Being Grateful, not out of duty, not because everyone says so, but to be mindful of how awesome you are. The life within you is worth more than Gold.

#InspireClip – Prejudice Check

Sometimes what we know or what we are used to makes us miss the precious nuggets or pass up the diamond 💎. In Africa, a popular saying is taught by parents, ‘There’s a reason we have been given 2 eyes, 2 ears and one mouth’, above all else listen and observe more before speaking. Once [...]

Deserts are full of water

Wait!! Hold on before you bite my head off 🙂 Take a deep breath, open up your minds and listen... I didn't say 'Deserts are overflowing with water'. Neither did I say, 'At Deserts you will readily find water'. 'So what were you thinking, sir?' you might be asking, here is my thought. Like in [...]

Feel the Love..


The past 5 days I’ve been back in Wales. I’ve been back in my old house, amongst my old friends & family & it’s been lovely. My family & friends are in Wales but as I’ve said before I feel Eastbourne is my home so making my way back today will be somewhat of a relief.

One Christmas, 17 years ago, I woke up to the smallest little bundle of fur. That ball of fur was Woody, my little long-haired Jack Russell. He is the core reason I love dogs so much & think that people who are cruel to animals should go to a special prison far, far away from everything in life, forever & ever, AMEN.


Before my trip down to Wales, I was given the ‘heads-up’ that Woody was pretty much both blind & deaf. Now, I feel I should say that because Woody’s surroundings have…

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Get. Out.

Please if you got time read this! From my favourite blogger. She is young but got a mind of a wise one…well sometimes 🙂


This photo is a year old.

Exactly one year & four days old.

I was the most miserable I’d ever been but I thought I was the happiest I’d ever been. Or did I? You know when you tell people that you’re happy but you’re not sure whether you’re trying to convince them…or yourself? That was me. When I look at this photo I feel the stronger mixture of two things.

Fear & Grace.

My life would have ended one way with this & it wouldn’t have been the life intended for me.

God allowed this tired, miserable, unhealthy, stressed & sad OH SO SAD human to get to the worst point in her life. I’ll never be at a lower point & I say that with the most confidence.

Then God did what he does best, he reached down & rescued me.

This is all a bit ambiguous I…

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Poem – #StopTheHack

Why hang on? Why hang on to The Old Story? An Old Man once told me 'Stories are like roads' Roads filled with distractions, leading to an unwanted destination Why hang on if it will lead you to tears, why go back? Though it's the road you've always known, is it not filled with the [...]

2018 – New Brushstrokes

Another year, another opportunity, another heartbreak, more laughter, more tears, more memories, more nightmares. Every year these items will always return, with different outcomes. They are brushstrokes from the hand of an expert painter using his/her choice colours to create a masterpiece. But these colours of life originate from 2 primary colours: attitude and outlook. [...]